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    • Natural Selection in a Bangladeshi Population from the Cholera-Endemic Ganges River Delta 

      Karlsson, Elinor Kathryn; Harris, J. B.; Tabrizi, Shervin; Rahman, A.; Shlyakhter, Ilya; Patterson, N.; O, C.; Schaffner, Stephen; Gupta, S.; Chowdhury, F.; Sheikh, A.; Shin, O. S.; Ellis, C.; Becker, C. E.; Stuart, L. M.; Calderwood, Stephen Beaven; Ryan, Edward Thomas; Qadri, F.; Sabeti, Pardis Christine; Larocque, Regina Celes (American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2013)
      As an ancient disease with high fatality, cholera has likely exerted strong selective pressure on affected human populations. We performed a genome-wide study of natural selection in a population from the Ganges River ...