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    • Analysis Method and Experimental Conditions Affect Computed Circadian Phase from Melatonin Data 

      Klerman, Hadassa; St. Hilaire, Melissa A.; Gronfier, Claude; Santhi, Nayantara; Kronauer, Richard E.; Gooley, Joshua James; Hull, Joseph Thomas; Lockley, Steven Ward; Wang, Wei; Klerman, Elizabeth Beryl (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      Accurate determination of circadian phase is necessary for research and clinical purposes because of the influence of the master circadian pacemaker on multiple physiologic functions. Melatonin is presently the most accurate ...
    • Short-Wavelength Light Sensitivity of Circadian, Pupillary, and Visual Awareness in Humans Lacking an Outer Retina 

      Zaidi, Farhan H.; Peirson, Stuart N.; Wulff, Katharina; Brainard, George C.; Gregory-Evans, Kevin; Moseley, Merrick J.; Hull, Joseph Thomas; Aeschback, Daniel; Gooley, Joshua James; Rizzo, Joseph F.; Czeisler, Charles Andrew; Foster, Russell G.; Lockley, Steven Ward (Cell Press, 2007)
      Summary As the ear has dual functions for audition and balance, the eye has a dual role in detecting light for a wide range of behavioral and physiological functions separate from sight [1–11]. These responses are driven ...