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    • Impact of Emerging Health Insurance Arrangements on Diabetes Outcomes and Disparities: Rationale and Study Design 

      Wharam, James Franklin; Soumerai, Steve; Trinacty, Connie; Eggleston, Emma; Zhang, Fang; LeCates, Robert F.; Canning, Claire; Ross-Degnan, Dennis (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013)
      Consumer-directed health plans combine lower premiums with high annual deductibles, Internet-based quality-of-care information, and health savings mechanisms. These plans may encourage members to seek better value for ...
    • Prior Authorization for Antidepressants in Medicaid 

      Adams, Alyce S.; Zhang, Fang; LeCates, Robert F.; Graves, Amy; Ross-Degnan, Dennis; Gilden, Daniel; McLaughlin, Thomas J.; Lu, Christine; Trinacty, Connie; Soumerai, Stephen Bertram (American Medical Association (AMA), 2009)
      Background Prior authorization is a popular, but understudied, strategy for reducing medication costs. We evaluated the impact of a controversial prior authorization policy in Michigan Medicaid on antidepressant use and ...
    • Racial differences in long-term adherence to oral antidiabetic drug therapy: a longitudinal cohort study 

      Trinacty, Connie Mah; Adams, Alyce S; Soumerai, Stephen Bertram; Zhang, Fang; Meigs, James Benjamin; Piette, John D; Ross-Degnan, Dennis (BioMed Central, 2009)
      Background: Adherence to oral antidiabetic medications is often suboptimal. Adherence differences may contribute to health disparities for black diabetes patients, including higher microvascular event rates, greater ...