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    • Anthropology at the Phonosonic Nexus 

      Harkness, Nicholas H. (Wiley Blackwell (Blackwell Publishing), 2011)
    • Basic Kinship Terms: Christian Relations, Chronotopic Formulations, and a Korean Confrontation of Language 

      Harkness, Nicholas (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2015)
      This ethnographic analysis of the pragmatic links among forms of address, honorifics, and narratives of spiritual maturity clarifies a conflict between two Christian models of social change in South Korea: absolute social ...
    • A bottleneck in the plenum 

      Harkness, Nicholas H. (HAU, Journal of Ethnographic Theory, 2016)
    • Culture and Interdiscursivity in Korean Fricative Voice Gestures 

      Harkness, Nicholas H. (Wiley Blackwell (Blackwell Publishing), 2011)
      This paper explores the cultural significance of a type of audible gesture in Korean speech that I call the Fricative Voice Gesture (FVG). I distinguish between two forms of this gesture: the reactive FVG, which serves as ...
    • Encore!: Homecoming Recitals in Christian South Korea 

      Harkness, Nicholas H. (Muse - Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012)
      "Homecoming Recitals" (kwiguk tokch'anghoe) in South Korea are events in which singers of European-style classical music, after having studied and worked professionally abroad, return home and are integrated into the social ...
    • Introduction: QUALIA 

      Chumley, Lily Hope; Harkness, Nicholas H. (SAGE Publications, 2013)
      This special issue proposes that the semiotically theorized concept of 'qualia' is useful for anthropologists working on problems of the senses, materiality, embodiment, aesthetics, and affect. Qualia are experiences of ...
    • The Pragmatics of Qualia in Practice 

      Harkness, Nicholas (Annual Reviews, 2015-10-21)
      This review addresses general anthropological understandings of practice and a technical semiotic approach to pragmatics through the concept of qualia. Qualia are pragmatic signals (indexes) that materialize phenomenally ...
    • Softer Soju in South Korea 

      Harkness, Nicholas H. (SAGE Publications, 2013)
      This paper explores the ascendancy of 'softness' in South Korea as it is experienced through the qualia of one of Korea’s most important social rituals: drinking soju. I combine an analysis of ethnographic evidence with ...
    • Transducing a Sermon, Inducing Conversion 

      Harkness, Nicholas H. (University of California Press, 2017)
      This paper is an analysis of the final sermon of Billy Graham’s 1973 Crusade in Seoul, South Korea, when he preached to a crowd estimated to exceed one million people. Next to Graham at the pulpit was Billy Jang Hwan Kim, ...
    • Vowel Harmony Redux: Correct Sounds, English Loan Words, and the Sociocultural Life of a Phonological Structure in Korean 

      Harkness, Nicholas H. (Wiley Blackwell (Blackwell Publishing), 2012)
      This paper examines an ideology of standard pronunciation and spelling of English loan words in South Korea through the lens of Korean vowel harmony. I focus specifically on the alternation between an older Japanese-style ...