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    • CD33 Alzheimer’s disease locus: Altered monocyte function and amyloid biology 

      Bradshaw, Elizabeth M; Chibnik, Lori B; Keenan, Brendan T; Ottoboni, Linda; Raj, Towfique; Tang, Anna; Rosenkrantz, Laura L; Imboywa, Selina; Lee, Michelle; Von Korff, Alina; Morris, Martha C; Evans, Denis A; Johnson, Keith; Sperling, Reisa A; Schneider, Julie A; Bennett, David A; De Jager, Philip L (2013)
      In our functional dissection of the CD33 Alzheimer’s disease susceptibility locus, we find that the rs3865444C risk allele is associated with greater cell surface expression of CD33 in monocytes (t50 = 10.06, pjoint=1.3×10–13) ...
    • Multicolored Stain-Free Histopathology with Coherent Raman Imaging 

      Xie, Xiaoliang Sunney; Freudiger, Christian Wilhelm; Orringer, Daniel A.; Saar, Brian G.; Ji, Minbiao; Zeng, Qing; Ottoboni, Linda; Ying, Wei; Waeber, Christian; Sims, John R.; De Jager, Philip Lawrence; Sagher, Oren; Philbert, Martin A.; Xu, Xiaoyin; Kesari, Santosh; Young, Geoffrey; Pfannl, Rolf (Nature Publishing Group, 2012)
      Conventional histopathology with hematoxylin & eosin (H&E) has been the gold standard for histopathological diagnosis of a wide range of diseases. However, it is not performed in vivo and requires thin tissue sections ...