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    • Adenomatous Polyposis Coli-mediated Control of β-catenin is Essential for Both Chondrogenic and Osteogenic Differentiation of Skeletal Precursors 

      Miclea, Razvan L; Karperien, Marcel; Bosch, Cathy AJ; van der Horst, Geertje; van der Valk, Martin A; Rawadi, Georges; Akçakaya, Pinar; Löwik, Clemens WGM; Fodde, Riccardo; Wit, Jan Maarten; Robanus-Maandag, Els C; Kobayashi, Tatsuya; Kronenberg, Henry Morris (BioMed Central, 2009)
      Background: During skeletogenesis, protein levels of β-catenin in the canonical Wnt signaling pathway determine lineage commitment of skeletal precursor cells to osteoblasts and chondrocytes. Adenomatous polyposis coli ...
    • Parathyroid hormone receptor signalling in osterix-expressing mesenchymal progenitors is essential for tooth root formation 

      Ono, Wanida; Sakagami, Naoko; Nishimori, Shigeki; Ono, Noriaki; Kronenberg, Henry M. (Nature Publishing Group, 2016)
      Dental root formation is a dynamic process in which mesenchymal cells migrate toward the site of the future root, differentiate and secrete dentin and cementum. However, the identities of dental mesenchymal progenitors are ...
    • Role of the Osteoblast Lineage in the Bone Marrow Hematopoietic Niches 

      Wu, Joy Yee-Jia; Scadden, David Thomas; Kronenberg, Henry Morris (The American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, 2009)
    • SIKs control osteocyte responses to parathyroid hormone 

      Wein, Marc N.; Liang, Yanke; Goransson, Olga; Sundberg, Thomas B.; Wang, Jinhua; Williams, Elizabeth A.; O'Meara, Maureen J.; Govea, Nicolas; Beqo, Belinda; Nishimori, Shigeki; Nagano, Kenichi; Brooks, Daniel J.; Martins, Janaina S.; Corbin, Braden; Anselmo, Anthony; Sadreyev, Ruslan; Wu, Joy Y.; Sakamoto, Kei; Foretz, Marc; Xavier, Ramnik J.; Baron, Roland; Bouxsein, Mary L.; Gardella, Thomas J.; Divieti-Pajevic, Paola; Gray, Nathanael S.; Kronenberg, Henry M. (Nature Publishing Group, 2016)
      Parathyroid hormone (PTH) activates receptors on osteocytes to orchestrate bone formation and resorption. Here we show that PTH inhibition of SOST (sclerostin), a WNT antagonist, requires HDAC4 and HDAC5, whereas PTH ...
    • Specific bone cells produce DLL4 to generate thymus-seeding progenitors from bone marrow 

      Yu, Vionnie W.C.; Saez, Borja; Cook, Colleen; Lotinun, Sutada; Pardo-Saganta, Ana; Wang, Ying-Hua; Lymperi, Stefania; Ferraro, Francesca; Raaijmakers, Marc H.G.P.; Wu, Joy Y.; Zhou, Lan; Rajagopal, Jayaraj; Kronenberg, Henry M.; Baron, Roland; Scadden, David T. (The Rockefeller University Press, 2015)
      Production of the cells that ultimately populate the thymus to generate α/β T cells has been controversial, and their molecular drivers remain undefined. Here, we report that specific deletion of bone-producing osteocalcin ...
    • A Subset of Chondrogenic Cells Provides Early Mesenchymal Progenitors in Growing Bones 

      Ono, Noriaki; Ono, Wanida; Nagasawa, Takashi; Kronenberg, Henry M. (2014)
      The hallmark of endochondral bone development is the presence of cartilaginous templates, in which osteoblasts and stromal cells are generated to form mineralized matrix and support bone marrow hematopoiesis. However, the ...