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    • Climatic Drivers of Hemispheric Asymmetry in Global Patterns of Ant Species Richness 

      Arnan, Xavier; McGlynn, Terrence P.; Bruhl, Carsten A.; Agosti, Donat; Lessard, Jean-Philippe; Anderson, Alan N.; Vascibcekis, Heraldo L.; Laurent, Edward J.; Kaspari, Michael E.; Guenard, Benoit; Janda, Milan; Fitzpatrick, Matthew; Pfeiffer, Martin; Weiser, Michael D.; Philpott, Stacy M.; Gove, Aaron D.; Retana, Javier; Suarez, Andrew V.; Dunn, Robert R.; Ellison, Aaron; Cerda, Xim; Parr, Catherine L.; Longino, John T.; Majer, Jonathan D.; Fisher, Brian L.; Manke, Sean B.; Sanders, Nathan J.; Gotelli, Nicholas J.; Gib, Heloise (Blackwell Science, 2009)
      Although many taxa show a latitudinal gradient in richness, the relationship between latitude and species richness is often asymmetrical between the northern and southern hemispheres. Here we examine the latitudinal pattern ...
    • Observer Bias and the Detection of Low-Density Populations 

      Fitzpatrick, Matthew; Preisser, Evan; Ellison, Aaron; Elkinton, Joseph (Ecological Society of America, 2009)
      Monitoring programs increasingly are used to document the spread of invasive species in the hope of detecting and eradicating low-density infestations before they become established. However, interobserver variation in ...