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    • Control of Bone Mass and Remodeling by PTH Receptor Signaling in Osteocytes 

      Plotkin, Lilian I.; Galli, Carlo; Goellner, Joseph J.; Gortazar, Arancha R.; Allen, Matthew R.; Robling, Alexander G.; Turner, Charles H.; Jilka, Robert L.; Weinstein, Robert S.; Manolagas, Stavros C.; Bellido, Teresita; O'Brien, Charles A.; Bouxsein, Mary Larsen; Schipani, Ernestina (Public Library of Science, 2008)
      Osteocytes, former osteoblasts buried within bone, are thought to orchestrate skeletal adaptation to mechanical stimuli. However, it remains unknown whether hormones control skeletal homeostasis through actions on osteocytes. ...