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    • Dynamic regulatory network controlling Th17 cell differentiation 

      Yosef, Nir; Shalek, Alex K.; Gaublomme, Jellert T.; Jin, Hulin; Lee, Youjin; Awasthi, Amit; Wu, Chuan; Karwacz, Katarzyna; Xiao, Sheng; Jorgolli, Marsela; Gennert, David; Satija, Rahul; Shakya, Arvind; Lu, Diana Y.; Trombetta, John J.; Pillai, Meenu R.; Ratcliffe, Peter J.; Coleman, Mathew L.; Bix, Mark; Tantin, Dean; Park, Hongkun; Kuchroo, Vijay K.; Regev, Aviv (2013)
      Despite their importance, the molecular circuits that control the differentiation of naïve T cells remain largely unknown. Recent studies that reconstructed regulatory networks in mammalian cells have focused on short-term ...
    • Integrated Nanoscale Tools for Interrogating Living Cells 

      Jorgolli, Marsela (2015-05-13)
      The development of next-generation, nanoscale technologies that interface biological systems will pave the way towards new understanding of such complex systems. Nanowires – one-dimensional nanoscale structures – have shown ...
    • Nanowire electrodes for high-density stimulation and measurement of neural circuits 

      Robinson, Jacob T.; Jorgolli, Marsela; Park, Hongkun (Frontiers Media S.A., 2013)
      Brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) that can precisely monitor and control neural activity will likely require new hardware with improved resolution and specificity. New nanofabricated electrodes with feature sizes and densities ...