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    • High-resolution Xist binding maps reveal 2-step spreading during X-inactivation 

      Simon, Matthew D.; Pinter, Stefan F.; Fang, Rui; Sarma, Kavitha; Rutenberg-Schoenberg, Michael; Bowman, Sarah K.; Kesner, Barry A.; Maier, Verena K.; Kingston, Robert E.; Lee, Jeannie T. (2014)
      The Xist long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) is essential for X-chromosome inactivation (XCI), the process by which mammals compensate for unequal numbers of sex chromosomes1-3. During XCI, Xist coats the future inactive X (Xi)4 ...
    • Multiplexed Illumina sequencing libraries from picogram quantities of DNA 

      Bowman, Sarah K; Simon, Matthew D; Deaton, Aimee M; Tolstorukov, Michael; Borowsky, Mark L; Kingston, Robert E (BioMed Central, 2013)
      Background: High throughput sequencing is frequently used to discover the location of regulatory interactions on chromatin. However, techniques that enrich DNA where regulatory activity takes place, such as chromatin ...
    • The structure of Polycomb-repressed chromatin in the bithorax complex 

      Bowman, Sarah K.; Deaton, Aimee Marianne; Domingues, Heber; Bender, Welcome W.; Kingston, Robert Edward (BioMed Central, 2013)