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    • Community Size and Network Closure 

      Mobius, Markus; Szeidl, Adam; Karlan, Dean; Allcott, Hunt; Rosenblat, Tanya (American Economic Association, 2007)
    • Getting Closer or Drifting Apart 

      Rosenblat, Tanya; Mobius, Markus (MIT Press, 2004)
      Advances in communication and transportation technologies have the potential to bring people closer together and create a "global village." However, they also allow heterogeneous agents to segregate along special interests, ...
    • Why Beauty Matters 

      Mobius, Markus; Rosenblat, Tanya (American Economic Association, 2006)
      We decompose the beauty premium in an experimental labor market where “employers” determine wages of “workers” who perform a maze-solving task. This task requires a true skill which we show to be unaffected by physical ...