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    • The Differentiation and Stress Response Factor XBP-1 Drives Multiple Myeloma Pathogenesis 

      Carrasco, Daniel R.; Sukhdeo, Kumar; Protopopova, Marina; Enos, Miriam; Zheng, Mei; Mani, Mala; Ivanova, Elena V.; Tonon, Giovanni; Sinha, Raktim; Carrasco, Daniel E.; Henderson, Joel Michael; Pinkus, Geraldine Sowinski; Munshi, Nikhil C; Horner, James W.; Protopopov, Alexei; Anderson, Kenneth Carl; DePinho, Ronald A. (Cell Press, 2007)
      Multiple myeloma (MM) evolves from a highly prevalent premalignant condition termed MGUS. The factors underlying the malignant transformation of MGUS are unknown. We report a MGUS/MM phenotype in transgenic mice with ...
    • Gα12 Activation in Podocytes Leads to Cumulative Changes in Glomerular Collagen Expression, Proteinuria and Glomerulosclerosis 

      Boucher, Ilene; Yu, Wanfeng; Beaudry, Sarah; Negoro, Hideyuki; Tran, Mei; Pollak, Martin; Henderson, Joel; Denker, Bradley M. (2012)
      Glomerulosclerosis is a common pathologic finding that often progresses to renal failure. The mechanisms of chronic kidney disease progression are not well-defined but may include activation of numerous vasoactive and ...