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    • Targeted Selection of HIV-Specific Antibody Mutations by Engineering B Cell Maturation 

      Saunders, Kevin O.; Wiehe, Kevin; Tian, Ming; Acharya, Priyamvada; Bradley, Todd; Alam, S. Munir; Go, Eden P.; Scearce, Richard; Sutherland, Laura; Henderson, Rory; Hsu, Allen; Borgnia, Mario; Chen, Haiyan; Lu, Xiaozhi; Wu, Nelson R.; Watts, Brian; Jiang, Chuancang; Easterhoff, David; Cheng, Hwei-Ling; McGovern, Kelly; Waddicor, Peyton; Chapdelaine-Williams, Aimee M.; Eaton, Amanda; Zhang, Jinsong; Rountree, Wes; Verkoczy, Laurent; Tomai, Mark; Lewis, Mark G.; Reed, Steven G.; Desaire, Heather R.; Edwards, Robert J.; Cain, Derek W.; Bonsignori, Mattia; Montefiori, David; Alt, Frederick; Haynes, Barton F.; Haynes, Barton (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2019-12-06)
      Engineering the immune system by design of immunogens to direct antibody maturation is a major goal of vaccinologists. One of the roadblocks preventing HIV vaccine development is the requirement for broadly neutralizing ...