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    • N100 Repetition Suppression Indexes Neuroplastic Defects in Clinical High Risk and Psychotic Youth 

      Gonzalez-Heydrich, Joseph; Bosquet Enlow, Michelle; D'Angelo, Eugene; Seidman, Larry J.; Gumlak, Sarah; Kim, April; Woodberry, Kristen A.; Rober, Ashley; Tembulkar, Sahil; O'Donnell, Kyle; Hamoda, Hesham M.; Kimball, Kara; Rotenberg, Alexander; Oberman, Lindsay M.; Pascual-Leone, Alvaro; Keshavan, Matcheri S.; Duffy, Frank H. (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2016)
      Highly penetrant mutations leading to schizophrenia are enriched for genes coding for N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor signaling complex (NMDAR-SC), implicating plasticity defects in the disease's pathogenesis. The importance ...
    • A review of magnetic resonance imaging and diffusion tensor imaging findings in mild traumatic brain injury 

      Shenton, Martha Elizabeth; Hamoda, Hesham; Schneiderman, J. S.; Bouix, Sylvain; Pasternak, Ofer; Rathi, Yogesh; Vu, M.-A.; Purohit, Maulik Prafull; Helmer, Karl G.; Koerte, Inga Katharina; Lin, Alexander Peter; Westin, Carl-Fredrik; Kikinis, Ron; Kubicki, Marek R.; Stern, R. A.; Zafonte, Ross Dennis (Springer Science + Business Media, 2012)
      Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), also referred to as concussion, remains a controversial diagnosis because the brain often appears quite normal on conventional computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging ...