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    • Cocaine-conditioned odor cues without chronic exposure: Implications for the development of addiction vulnerability 

      Lowen, Steven B.; Rohan, Michael L.; Gillis, Timothy E.; Thompson, Britta S.; Wellons, Clara B.W.; Andersen, Susan L. (Elsevier, 2015)
      Adolescents are highly vulnerable to addiction and are four times more likely to become addicted at first exposure than at any other age. The dopamine D1 receptor, which is typically overexpressed in the normal adolescent ...
    • A Low-cost, MR-compatible Olfactometer 

      Lowen, Steven; Lukas, Scott (Psychonomic Society, 2006)
      We present a design for an olfactometer, suitable for fMRI experiments, that can be constructed at extremely low cost. The olfactometer presents odors directly to the nose via a nasal cannula at unobtrusively low flow ...