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    • Fair Division via Social Comparison 

      Abebe, Rediet; Kleinberg, Jon; Parkes, David
      We study cake cutting on a graph, where agents can only evaluate their shares relative to their neighbors. This is an extension of the classical problem of fair division to incorporate the notion of social comparison from ...
    • Long-Distance Spin-Spin Coupling via Floating Gates 

      Trifunovic, Luka; Trif, Mircea; Wootton, James; Loss, Daniel; Dial, Oliver; Yacoby, Amir; Abebe, Rediet Tesfaye (American Physical Society, 2012)
      The electron spin is a natural two-level system that allows a qubit to be encoded. When localized in a gate-defined quantum dot, the electron spin provides a promising platform for a future functional quantum computer. The ...