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    • A novel role of CD4 Th17 cells in mediating cardiac allograft rejection and vasculopathy 

      Paez-Cortez, Jesus; Schmitt-Knosalla, Isabela; Mfarrej, Bechara; Donnarumma, Michela; Habicht, Antje; Clarkson, Michael R.; Ansari, M. Javeed; Yuan, Xueli; D'Addio, Francesca; Iacomini, John J.; Glimcher, Laurie Hollis; Sayegh, Mohamed Hassan (The Rockefeller University Press, 2008)
      T-bet plays a crucial role in Th1 development. We investigated the role of T-bet in the development of allograft rejection in an established MHC class II–mismatched (bm12 into B6) model of chronic allograft vasculopathy ...