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    • A BioBrick compatible strategy for genetic modification of plants 

      Boyle, Patrick M; Burrill, Devin Rene; Inniss, Mara Christine; Agapakis, Christina M; Deardon, Aaron; dewerd, Jonathan G; Gedeon, Michael A; Quinn, Jacqueline Y; Paull, Morgan L; Raman, Anugraha M; Theilmann, Mark R; Wang, Lu; Winn, Julia C; Medvedik, Oliver; Schellenberg, Kurt William; Haynes, Karmella; Viel, Alain; Brenner, Tamara Jane; Church, George McDonald; Shah, Jagesh V.; Silver, Pamela A. (BioMed Central, 2012)
      Background: Plant biotechnology can be leveraged to produce food, fuel, medicine, and materials. Standardized methods advocated by the synthetic biology community can accelerate the plant design cycle, ultimately making ...
    • Portable, On-Demand Biomolecular Manufacturing 

      Pardee, Keith; Slomovic, Shimyn; Nguyen, Peter Q; Lee, Jeong Wook; Donghia, Nina Marie; Burrill, Devin; Ferrante, Tom; McSorley, Fern R.; Furuta, Yoshikazu; Vernet, Andyna; Lewandowski, Michael P; Boddy, Christopher N.; Joshi, Neel S.; Collins, James J. (Elsevier BV, 2016)
      Synthetic biology uses living cells as molecular foundries for the biosynthesis of drugs, therapeutic proteins, and other commodities. However, the need for specialized equipment and refrigeration for production and ...
    • Tracking Cell Fate with Synthetic Memory Circuits 

      Burrill, Devin Rene (2013-03-18)
      The capacity of cells to sense transient environmental cues and activate prolonged cellular responses is a recurring biological feature relevant to disease development and stem cell differentiation. While biologically ...