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    • Human disease locus discovery and mapping to molecular pathways through phylogenetic profiling 

      Tabach, Yuval; Golan, Tamar; Hernández-Hernández, Abrahan; Messer, Arielle R; Fukuda, Tomoyuki; Kouznetsova, Anna; Liu, Jian-Guo; Lilienthal, Ingrid; Levy, Carmit; Ruvkun, Gary (Nature Publishing Group, 2013)
      Genes with common profiles of the presence and absence in disparate genomes tend to function in the same pathway. By mapping all human genes into about 1000 clusters of genes with similar patterns of conservation across ...
    • Small RNA pathway genes identified by patterns of phylogenetic conservation and divergence 

      Tabach, Yuval; Billi, Allison C.; Hayes, Gabriel D.; Newman, Martin A.; Zuk, Or; Gabel, Harrison; Kamath, Ravi; Yacoby, Keren; Chapman, Brad; Garcia, Susana M.; Borowsky, Mark; Kim, John K.; Ruvkun, Gary (2013)
      Genetic and biochemical analyses of RNA interference (RNAi) and microRNA (miRNA) pathways have revealed proteins such as Argonaute/PIWI and Dicer that process and present small RNAs to their targets. Well validated small ...