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    • Comprehensive red blood cell and platelet antigen prediction from whole genome sequencing: proof of principle 

      Lane, William J.; Westhoff, Connie M.; Uy, Jon Michael; Aguad, Maria; Smeland‐Wagman, Robin; Kaufman, Richard M.; Rehm, Heidi L.; Green, Robert C.; Silberstein, Leslie E. (John Wiley and Sons Inc., 2015)
      BACKGROUND There are 346 serologically defined red blood cell (RBC) antigens and 33 serologically defined platelet (PLT) antigens, most of which have known genetic changes in 45 RBC or six PLT genes that correlate with ...
    • A Large Peptidome Dataset Improves HLA Class I Epitope Prediction Across Most of the Human Population 

      Le, Phuong M; Li, Letitia W; Oliveira, Giacomo; Keshishian, Hasmik; Hartigan, Christina R; Zhang, Wandi; Bachireddy, Pavan; Ouspenskaia, Tamara; Law, Travis; Justesen, Sune; Stevens, Jonathan; Eisenhaure, Thomas; Zhang, Guang Lan; Klauser, Karl R; Hacohen, Nir; Carr, Steven A; Sarkizova, Siranush; Klaeger, Susan; Braun, David; Ligon, Keith; Zervantonakis, Ioannis; Rosenbluth, Jennifer; Lane, William; Wu, Catherine; Keskin, Derin (Nature, 2019-12-16)
      Prediction of HLA epitopes is important for the development of cancer immunotherapies and vaccines. However, current prediction algorithms have limited predictive power, in part because they were not trained on high-quality ...
    • A systematic approach to the reporting of medically relevant findings from whole genome sequencing 

      McLaughlin, Heather M; Ceyhan-Birsoy, Ozge; Christensen, Kurt D; Kohane, Isaac S; Krier, Joel; Lane, William J; Lautenbach, Denise; Lebo, Matthew S; Machini, Kalotina; MacRae, Calum A; Azzariti, Danielle R; Murray, Michael F; Seidman, Christine E; Vassy, Jason L; Green, Robert C; Rehm, Heidi L (BioMed Central, 2014)
      Background: The MedSeq Project is a randomized clinical trial developing approaches to assess the impact of integrating genome sequencing into clinical medicine. To facilitate the return of results of potential medical ...