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    • Dynamic Transcriptional Reprogramming Leads to Immunotherapeutic Vulnerabilities in Myeloma 

      Frede, Julia; Anand, Praveen; Sotudeh, Noori; Pinto, Ricardo A.; Nair, Monica S.; Stuart, Hannah; Yee, Andrew J.; Vijaykumar, Tushara; Waldschmidt, Johannes M.; Potdar, Sayalee; Kloeber, Jake A.; Kokkalis, Antonis; Dimitrova, Valeriya; Mann, Mason; Laubach, Jacob; Richardson, Paul; Anderson, Kenneth; Raje, Noopur; Knoechel, Birgit; Lohr, Jens (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2021-10-21)
    • Endogenous transmembrane protein UT2 inhibits pSTAT3 and suppresses hematological malignancy 

      Lee, Dongjun; Wang, Ying-Hua; Kalaitzidis, Demetrios; Ramachandran, Janani; Eda, Homare; Sykes, David Brian; Raje, Noopur; Scadden, David Thomas (American Society for Clinical Investigation, 2016)
      Regulation of STAT3 activation is critical for normal and malignant hematopoietic cell proliferation. Here, we have reported that the endogenous transmembrane protein upstream-of-mTORC2 (UT2) negatively regulates activation ...
    • Genomic discovery and clonal tracking in multiple myeloma by cell free DNA sequencing 

      Guo, Guangwu; Raje, Noopur; Seifer, Charles; Kloeber, Jake; Meyerson, Matthew Langer; Munshi, Nikhil C; Knoechel, Birgit; Lohr, Jens Guenter (Nature Publishing Group, 2018)
    • The Medical Research Council Myeloma IX Trial: The Impact on Treatment Paradigms 

      Richardson, Paul Gerard Guy; Laubach, Jacob; Schlossman, Robert Lawrence; Ghobrial, Irene; Mitsiades, Constantine S; Rosenblatt, Jacalyn Mara; Mahindra, Anuj; Raje, Noopur; Munshi, Nikhil C; Anderson, Kenneth Carl (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2011)
      Osteolytic bone disease is a hallmark of symptomatic multiple myeloma. Bisphosphonates have been the mainstay of treatment to preserve skeletal integrity and prevent skeletal-related events in patients with myeloma-related ...
    • Niche-Based Screening in Multiple Myeloma Identifies a Kinesin-5 Inhibitor with Improved Selectivity over Hematopoietic Progenitors 

      Chattopadhyay, Shrikanta; Stewart, Alison L.; Mukherjee, Siddhartha; Huang, Cherrie; Hartwell, Kimberly A.; Miller, Peter Grant; Subramanian, Radhika; Carmody, Leigh C.; Yusuf, Rushdia Zareen; Sykes, David Brian; Paulk, Joshiawa; Vetere, Amedeo; Vallet, Sonia; Santo, Loredana; Cirstea, Diana D.; Hideshima, Teru; Dan?ík, Vlado; Majireck, Max M.; Hussain, Mahmud M.; Singh, Shambhavi; Quiroz, Ryan; Iaconelli, Jonathan; Karmacharya, Rakesh; Tolliday, Nicola J.; Clemons, Paul A.; Moore, Malcolm A.S.; Stern, Andrew M.; Shamji, Alykhan Farid; Ebert, Benjamin L.; Golub, Todd Robert; Raje, Noopur; Scadden, David Thomas; Schreiber, Stuart L. (Elsevier BV, 2015)
      Novel therapeutic approaches are urgently required for multiple myeloma (MM). We used a phenotypic screening approach using co-cultures of MM cells with bone marrow stromal cells to identify compounds that overcome stromal ...
    • A Novel Role for CCL3 (MIP-1α) in Myeloma-induced Bone Disease via Osteocalcin Downregulation and Inhibition of Osteoblast Function 

      Vallet, Sonia; Pozzi, Samantha; Patel, Kishan; Vaghela, Nileshwari; Fulciniti, MariaTeresa; Veiby, Petter; Hideshima, Teru; Santo, Loredana; Cirstea, Diana; Scadden, David T; Anderson, Kenneth C; Raje, Noopur (2014)
      Upregulation of cytokines and chemokines is a frequent finding in multiple myeloma (MM). CCL3 (also known as MIP-1α) is a pro-inflammatory chemokine whose levels in the MM microenvironment correlate with osteolytic lesions ...
    • Retraction: Fatty Acid Synthase is a Novel Therapeutic Target in Multiple Myeloma 

      Okawa, Yutaka; Hideshima, Teru; Ikeda, Hiroshi; Raje, Noopur; Vallet, Sonia; Kiziltepe, Tanyel; Yasui, Hiroshi; Enatsu, Sotaro; Pozzi, Samantha; Breitkreutz, Iris; Cirstea, Diana; Santo, Loredana; Richardson, Paul Gerard Guy; Anderson, Kenneth Carl (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2008)
      This study investigated the biological significance of the inhibition of fatty acid synthase (FAS) in multiple myeloma (MM) using the small molecule inhibitor Cerulenin. Cerulenin triggered growth inhibition in both MM ...
    • A Review of Lenalidomide in Combination with Dexamethasone for the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma 

      Hideshima, Teru; Raje, Noopur; Richardson, Paul Gerard Guy; Anderson, Kenneth Carl (Dove Medical Press, 2008)
      Lenalidomide (also known as Revlimid®, CC-5013) is an immunomodulatory derivative of thalidomide and has more potent anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory effects than thalidomide. The molecular mechanisms of anti-tumor activity ...
    • Small Molecule Multi-Targeted Kinase Inhibitor RGB-286638 Triggers P53-Dependent and -Independent Anti-Multiple Myeloma Activity through Inhibition of Transcriptional CDKs 

      Cirstea, Diana; Hideshima, Teru; Santo, Loredana; Eda, Homare; Mishima, Yuko; Nemani, Neeharika; Hu, Yiguo; Mimura, Naoya; Cottini, Francesca; Gorgun, Gullu; Ohguchi, Hiroto; Suzuki, Rikio; Loferer, Hannes; Munshi, Nikhil C.; Anderson, Kenneth C.; Raje, Noopur (2014)
      Small molecule multi-targeted CDK inhibitors (CDKIs) are of particular interest due to their potent antitumor activity independent of p53 gene alterations. P53 deletion is associated with a very poor prognosis in multiple ...