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    • Near-Infrared Laser Adjuvant for Influenza Vaccine 

      Kashiwagi, Satoshi; Yuan, Jianping; Forbes, Benjamin; Hibert, Mathew L.; Lee, Eugene L. Q.; Whicher, Laura; Goudie, Calum; Yang, Yuan; Chen, Tao; Edelblute, Beth; Collette, Brian; Edington, Laurel; Trussler, James; Nezivar, Jean; Leblanc, Pierre; Bronson, Roderick; Tsukada, Kosuke; Suematsu, Makoto; Dover, Jeffrey; Brauns, Timothy; Gelfand, Jeffrey; Poznansky, Mark C. (Public Library of Science, 2013)
      Safe and effective immunologic adjuvants are often essential for vaccines. However, the choice of adjuvant for licensed vaccines is limited, especially for those that are administered intradermally. We show that non-tissue ...
    • A novel mycobacterial Hsp70-containing fusion protein targeting mesothelin augments antitumor immunity and prolongs survival in murine models of ovarian cancer and mesothelioma 

      Yuan, Jianping; Kashiwagi, Satoshi; Reeves, Patrick; Nezivar, Jean; Yang, Yuan; Arrifin, Nadiah Hashim; Nguyen, Mai; Jean-Mary, Gilberte; Tong, Xiaoyun; Uppal, Paramjit; Korochkina, Svetlana; Forbes, Ben; Chen, Tao; Righi, Elda; Bronson, Roderick; Chen, Huabiao; Orsulic, Sandra; Brauns, Timothy; Leblanc, Pierre; Scholler, Nathalie; Dranoff, Glenn; Gelfand, Jeffrey; Poznansky, Mark C (BioMed Central, 2014)
      Background: Although dendritic cell (DC) vaccines are considered to be promising treatments for advanced cancer, their production and administration is costly and labor-intensive. We developed a novel immunotherapeutic ...