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    • Ligation of the Jugular Veins Does Not Result in Brain Inflammation or Demyelination in Mice 

      Atkinson, Wendy; Forghani, Reza; Wojtkiewicz, Gregory R.; Pulli, Benjamin; Iwamoto, Yoshiko; Ueno, Takuya; Waterman, Peter; Truelove, Jessica; Oklu, Rahmi; Chen, John Wen-Yueh (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      An alternative hypothesis has been proposed implicating chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) as a potential cause of multiple sclerosis (MS). We aimed to evaluate the validity of this hypothesis in a controlled ...
    • A Preliminary Observation of Weight Loss Following Left Gastric Artery Embolization in Humans 

      Gunn, Andrew J.; Oklu, Rahmi (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2014)
      Background/Objectives. Embolization of the left gastric artery (LGA), which preferentially supplies the gastric fundus, has been shown to produce weight loss in animal models. However, weight loss after LGA embolization ...
    • The Role of Physical Stabilization in Whole Blood Preservation 

      Wong, Keith H. K.; Sandlin, Rebecca D.; Carey, Thomas R.; Miller, Kathleen L.; Shank, Aaron T.; Oklu, Rahmi; Maheswaran, Shyamala; Haber, Daniel A.; Irimia, Daniel; Stott, Shannon L.; Toner, Mehmet (Nature Publishing Group, 2016)
      The rapid degradation of blood ex vivo imposes logistical limitations on the utilization of blood-borne cells in medical diagnostics and scientific investigations. A fundamental but overlooked aspect in the storage of this ...