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    • Beyond Dominant Resource Fairness: Extensions, Limitations, and Indivisibilities 

      Parkes, David C.; Procaccia, Ariel; Shah, Nisarg (ACM Press, 2012)
      We study the problem of allocating multiple resources to agents with heterogeneous demands. Technological advances such as cloud computing and data centers provide a new impetus for investigating this problem under the ...
    • Optimal Envy-Free Cake Cutting 

      Cohler, Yuga Julian; Lai, John Kwang; Parkes, David C.; Procaccia, Ariel (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Press, 2011)
      We consider the problem of fairly dividing a heterogeneous divisible good among agents with different preferences. Previous work has shown that envy-free allocations, i.e., where each agent prefers its own allocation to ...
    • TurkServer: Enabling Synchronous and Longitudinal Online Experiments 

      Mao, Andrew; Chen, Yiling; Gajos, Krzysztof Z; Parkes, David C.; Procaccia, Ariel; Zhang, Haoqi (AAAI Press, 2012)
      With the proliferation of online labor markets and other social computing platforms, online experiments have become a low-cost and scalable way to empirically test hypotheses and mechanisms in both human computation and ...