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    • Construction of a Global Pain Systems Network Highlights Phospholipid Signaling as a Regulator of Heat Nociception 

      Neely, G. Gregory; Rao, Shuan; Costigan, Michael; Mair, Norbert; Racz, Ildiko; Milinkeviciute, Giedre; Meixner, Arabella; Nayanala, Swetha; Griffin, Robert Stewart; Belfer, Inna; Dai, Feng; Smith, Shad; Diatchenko, Luda; Marengo, Stefano; Haubner, Bernhard J.; Novatchkova, Maria; Gibson, Dustin; Maixner, William; Pospisilik, J. Andrew; Hirsch, Emilio; Whishaw, Ian Q.; Zimmer, Andreas; Gupta, Vaijayanti; Sasaki, Junko; Kanaho, Yasunori; Sasaki, Takehiko; Kress, Michaela; Woolf, Clifford; Penninger, Josef M. (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      The ability to perceive noxious stimuli is critical for an animal's survival in the face of environmental danger, and thus pain perception is likely to be under stringent evolutionary pressure. Using a neuronal-specific ...
    • Origins, Actions and Dynamic Expression Patterns of the Neuropeptide VGF in Rat Peripheral and Central Sensory Neurones Following Peripheral Nerve Injury 

      Moss, Andrew; Ingram, Rachel; Koch, Stephanie; Theodorou, Andria; Low, Lucie; Baccei, Mark; Hathway, Gareth J; Salton, Stephen R; Fitzgerald, Maria; Costigan, Michael (BioMed Central, 2008)
      Background: The role of the neurotrophin regulated polypeptide, VGF, has been investigated in a rat spared injury model of neuropathic pain. This peptide has been shown to be associated with synaptic strengthening and ...
    • R-Flurbiprofen Reduces Neuropathic Pain in Rodents by Restoring Endogenous Cannabinoids 

      Bishay, Philipp; Schmidt, Helmut; Marian, Claudiu; Häussler, Annett; Wijnvoord, Nina; Ziebell, Simone; Metzner, Julia; Koch, Marco; Myrczek, Thekla; Bechmann, Ingo; Kuner, Rohini; Dehghani, Faramarz; Geisslinger, Gerd; Tegeder, Irmgard; Costigan, Michael (Public Library of Science, 2010)
      Background: R-flurbiprofen, one of the enantiomers of flurbiprofen racemate, is inactive with respect to cyclooxygenase inhibition, but shows analgesic properties without relevant toxicity. Its mode of action is still ...