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    • Emotional functioning of patients with neurofibromatosis tumor suppressor syndrome 

      Wang, Daphne L.; Smith, Kelly; Esparza, Sonia; Leigh, Fawn; Muzikansky, Alona; Park, Elyse Richelle; Plotkin, Scott Randall (Springer Nature, 2012)
      Purpose Although patients with neurofibromatosis are predisposed to multiple nerve sheath tumors that can develop anywhere in the body and cause significant morbidity (e.g., hearing loss; pain), little research has ...
    • Understanding Relationships Between Autism, Intelligence, and Epilepsy: A Cross-Disorder Approach 

      van Eeghen, Agnies M; Pulsifer, Margaret Bigwood; Merker, Vanessa; Neumeyer, Ann; van Eeghen, Elmer E; Thibert, Ronald L.; Cole, Andrew James; Leigh, Fawn; Plotkin, Scott Randall; Thiele, Elizabeth Anne (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012)
      Aim As relationships between autistic traits, epilepsy, and cognitive functioning remain poorly understood, these associations were explored in the biologically related disorders tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC), ...