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    • Efficient Delivery of Genome-Editing Proteins In Vitro and In Vivo 

      Zuris, John A.; Thompson, David B.; Shu, Yilai; Guilinger, John P.; Bessen, Jeffrey L.; Hu, Johnny H.; Maeder, Morgan L.; Joung, J. Keith; Chen, Zheng-Yi; Liu, David R. (2014)
      Efficient intracellular delivery of proteins is needed to fully realize the potential of protein therapeutics. Current methods of protein delivery commonly suffer from low tolerance for serum, poor endosomal escape, and ...
    • A programmable Cas9-serine recombinase fusion protein that operates on DNA sequences in mammalian cells 

      Chaikind, Brian; Bessen, Jeffrey L.; Thompson, David B.; Hu, Johnny H.; Liu, David R. (Oxford University Press, 2016)
      We describe the development of ‘recCas9’, an RNA-programmed small serine recombinase that functions in mammalian cells. We fused a catalytically inactive dCas9 to the catalytic domain of Gin recombinase using an optimized ...