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    • Mechanically Versatile Soft Machines through Laminar Jamming 

      Narang, Yashraj; Vlassak, Joost; Howe, Robert (Wiley, 2018-02-26)
      There are two major structural paradigms in robotics: soft machines, which are conformable, durable, and safe; and traditional rigid robots, which are fast, precise, and capable of applying high forces. Here, the paradigms ...
    • Transforming the Dynamic Response of Robotic Structures and Systems Through Laminar Jamming 

      Narang, Yashraj; Degirmenci, Alperen; Vlassak, Joost; Howe, Robert (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2018-04)
      Researchers have developed variable-impedance mechanisms to control the dynamic response of robotic systems and improve their adaptivity, robustness, and efficiency. However, these mechanisms have limitations in size, cost, ...