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    • Achieving Escape Velocity: Neighborhood and School Interventions to Reduce Persistent Inequality 

      Fryer, Roland Gerhard; Katz, Lawrence F. (American Economic Association, 2013)
      This paper reviews the evidence on the efficacy of neighborhood and school interventions in improving the long-run outcomes of children growing up in poor families. We focus on studies exploiting exogenous sources of ...
    • Belief Flipping in a Dynamic Model of Statistical Discrimination 

      Fryer, Roland (Elsevier, 2007)
      The literature on statistical discrimination shows that ex-ante identical groups may be differentially treated in discriminatory equilibria. This paper constructs a dynamic model of statistical discrimination and explores ...
    • Essays at the Intersection of Development and Education Economics 

      Bau, Natalie (2015-04-21)
      This dissertation uses tools from economics to study three different aspects of educational markets in the developing world. In chapter 1, I analyze how competition among private schools in Pakistan affects student outcomes ...
    • Essays in Labor Economics 

      Dobbie, Will (2014-06-24)
      This dissertation consists of three essays in the area of Labor Economics.
    • Essays on Heterogeneity in Markets and Games 

      Jaffe, Sonia Patricia (2015-04-23)
      Many markets exhibit substantial heterogeneity -- e.g.~in ability, in preferences, in products, in strategies. Allowing for this (sometimes multi-dimensional) heterogeneity can change both the theoretical predictions of ...
    • Exploring the Impact of Financial Incentives on Stereotype Threat: Evidence from a Pilot Study 

      Fryer, Roland; Levitt, Steven D.; List, John A. (American Economic Association, 2008)
    • Implicit Quotas 

      Fryer, Roland (University of Chicago Press, 2009)
      Employment or admission “goals” are often preferred to affirmative action as a way of obtaining diversity. By constructing a simple model of employer‐auditor interaction, I show that when an auditor has imperfect information ...
    • A Measure of Segregation Based on Social Interactions 

      Echenique, Federico; Fryer, Roland (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press, 2007)
      We develop an index of segregation based on two premises: (1) a measure of segregation should disaggregate to the level of individuals, and (2) an individual is more segregated the more segregated are the agents with whom ...
    • Measuring the Compactness of Political Districting Plans 

      Fryer, Roland Gerhard; Holden, Richard (University of Chicago Press, 2011)
      We develop a measure of compactness based on the distance between voters within the same district relative to the minimum distance achievable, which we coin the relative proximity index. Any compactness measure that satisfies ...
    • A Model of Social Interactions and Endogenous Poverty Traps 

      Fryer, Roland (SAGE Publications, 2007)
      This paper develops a model of social interactions and endogenous poverty traps. The key idea is captured in a framework in which the likelihood of future social interactions with members of one's group is partly determined ...