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    • Bacterial Diversity across Individual Lichens 

      Mushegian, A; Peterson, Celeste; Baker, Christopher Cher Meng; Pringle, Anne E. (American Society for Microbiology, 2011)
      Symbioses are unique habitats for bacteria. We surveyed the spatial diversity of bacterial communities across multiple individuals of closely related lichens using terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism (T-RFLP) ...
    • Clay Mineralogy, Organic Carbon Burial, and Redox Evolution in Proterozoic Oceans 

      Tosca, Nicholas J.; Johnston, David T; Mushegian, Alexandra Arcadievna; Rothman, Daniel H.; Summons, Roger E.; Knoll, Andrew Herbert (Elsevier, 2010)
      Clay minerals formed through chemical weathering have long been implicated in the burial of organic matter (OM), but because diagenesis and metamorphism commonly obscure the signature of weathering-derived clays in Precambrian ...