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    • Shared learning in an interconnected world: innovations to advance global health equity 

      Binagwaho, Agnes; Nutt, Cameron T; Mutabazi, Vincent; Karema, Corine; Nsanzimana, Sabin; Gasana, Michel; Drobac, Peter C; Rich, Michael L; Uwaliraye, Parfait; Nyemazi, Jean Pierre; Murphy, Michael R; Wagner, Claire M; Makaka, Andrew; Ruton, Hinda; Mody, Gita N; Zurovcik, Danielle R; Niconchuk, Jonathan A; Mugeni, Cathy; Ngabo, Fidele; Ngirabega, Jean de Dieu; Asiimwe, Anita; Farmer, Paul E (BioMed Central, 2013)
      The notion of “reverse innovation”--that some insights from low-income countries might offer transferable lessons for wealthier contexts--is increasingly common in the global health and business strategy literature. Yet ...
    • Validating the Children’s Depression Inventory in the context of Rwanda 

      Binagwaho, Agnes; Fawzi, Mary C. Smith; Agbonyitor, Mawuena; Nsanzimana, Sabin; Karema, Corine; Remera, Eric; Mutabazi, Vincent; Shyirambere, Cyprien; Cyamatare, Patrick; Nutt, Cameron; Wagner, Claire; Condo, Jeanine; Misago, Nancy; Kayiteshonga, Yvonne (BioMed Central, 2016)
      Background: Depression is often co-morbid with chronic conditions, and when combined with HIV it can increase progression and reduce survival. A brief and accurate screening tool for depression among children living with ...