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    • Participation in Heterogeneous Communities 

      Alesina, Alberto; La Ferrara, Eliana (MIT Press, 2000)
      This paper studies what determines group formation and the degree of participation when the population is heterogeneous, both in terms of income and race or ethnicity. We are especially interested in whether and how much ...
    • Political Competition in Weak States 

      La Ferrara, Eliana; Bates, Robert (Blackwell Publishing, 2001)
      In the developing areas, politics is often undemocratic, states lack a monopoly over violence, and politicians play upon cultural identities. To analyze politics in such settings, we develop a model in which politicians ...
    • A Test of Racial Bias in Capital Sentencing 

      Alesina, Alberto Francesco; La Ferrara, Eliana (American Economic Association, 2014)
      We collect a new dataset on capital punishment in the United States and we propose a test of racial bias based upon patterns of sentence reversals. We model the courts as minimizing type I and II errors. If trial courts ...