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    • Genetic incompatibilities are widespread within species 

      Corbett-Detig, Russell B.; Zhou, Jun; Clark, Andrew G.; Hartl, Daniel L.; Ayroles, Julien (Nature Publishing Group, 2013)
      The importance of epistasis—non-additive interactions between alleles—in shaping population fitness has long been a controversial topic, hampered in part by lack of empirical evidence1, 2, 3, 4. Traditionally, epistasis ...
    • Genome Features of “Dark-Fly”, a Drosophila Line Reared Long-Term in a Dark Environment 

      Izutsu, Minako; Zhou, Jun; Sugiyama, Yuzo; Nishimura, Osamu; Aizu, Tomoyuki; Toyoda, Atsushi; Fujiyama, Asao; Agata, Kiyokazu; Fuse, Naoyuki (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      Organisms are remarkably adapted to diverse environments by specialized metabolisms, morphology, or behaviors. To address the molecular mechanisms underlying environmental adaptation, we have utilized a Drosophila melanogaster ...
    • Y Chromosome Mediates Ribosomal DNA Silencing and Modulates the Chromatin State in Drosophila 

      Zhou, Jun; Sackton, Timothy; Martinsen, Lene; Silva, Bernardo Lemos; Eickbush, Thomas H.; Hartl, Daniel L. (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2012)
      Although the Drosophila Y chromosome is degenerated, heterochromatic, and contains few genes, increasing evidence suggests that it plays an important role in regulating the expression of numerous autosomal and X-linked ...