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    • Chip-based analysis of exosomal mRNA mediating drug resistance in glioblastoma 

      Shao, Huilin; Chung, Jaehoon; Lee, Kyungheon; Balaj, Leonora; Min, Changwook; Carter, Bob S.; Hochberg, Fred H.; Breakefield, Xandra O.; Lee, Hakho; Weissleder, Ralph (Nature Pub. Group, 2015)
      Real-time monitoring of drug efficacy in glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is a major clinical problem as serial re-biopsy of primary tumours is often not a clinical option. MGMT (O6-methylguanine DNA methyltransferase) and ...
    • Nanoparticle Detection of Urinary Markers for Point-of-Care Diagnosis of Kidney Injury 

      Chung, Hyun Jung; Pellegrini, Kathryn L.; Chung, Jaehoon; Wanigasuriya, Kamani; Jayawardene, Innocent; Lee, Kyungheon; Lee, Hakho; Vaidya, Vishal S.; Weissleder, Ralph (Public Library of Science, 2015)
      The high incidence of acute and chronic kidney injury due to various environmental factors such as heavy metals or chemicals has been a major problem in developing countries. However, the diagnosis of kidney injury in these ...
    • On Chip Analysis of CNS Lymphoma in Cerebrospinal Fluid 

      Turetsky, Anna; Lee, Kyungheon; Song, Jun; Giedt, Randy J.; Kim, Eunha; Kovach, Alexandra E.; Hochberg, Ephraim P.; Castro, Cesar M.; Lee, Hakho; Weissleder, Ralph (Ivyspring International Publisher, 2015)
      Molecular profiling of central nervous system lymphomas in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples can be challenging due to the paucicellular and limited nature of the samples. Presented herein is a microfluidic platform for ...