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    • Impaired intrinsic immunity to HSV-1 in human iPSC-derived TLR3-deficient CNS cells 

      Lafaille, Fabien G; Pessach, Itai M.; Zhang, Shen-Ying; Ciancanelli, Michael J.; Herman, Melina; Abhyankar, Avinash; Ying, Shui-Wang; Keros, Sotirios; Goldstein, Peter A.; Mostoslavsky, Gustavo; Ordovas-Montanes, Jose Manuel; Jouanguy, Emmanuelle; Plancoulaine, Sabine; Tu, Edmund; Elkabetz, Yechiel; Al-Muhsen, Saleh; Tardieu, Marc; Schlaeger, Thorsten M.; Daley, George Quentin; Abel, Laurent; Casanova, Jean-Laurent; Studer, Lorenz; Notarangelo, Luigi D. (2012)
      In the course of primary infection with herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1), children with inborn errors of TLR3 immunity are prone to HSV-1 encephalitis (HSE) 1–3. We tested the hypothesis that the pathogenesis of HSE involves ...
    • Nociceptive Sensory Neurons Drive Interleukin-23 Mediated Psoriasiform Skin Inflammation 

      Riol-Blanco, Lorena; Ordovas-Montanes, Jose; Perro, Mario; Naval, Elena; Thiriot, Aude; Alvarez, David; Wood, John N.; von Andrian, Ulrich H. (2014)
      The skin has a dual function as a barrier and a sensory interface between the body and the environment. To protect against invading pathogens, the skin harbors specialized immune cells, including dermal dendritic cells ...
    • The Regulation of Immunological Processes by Peripheral Neurons 

      Ordovas-Montanes, Jose Manuel (2015-09-23)
      The nervous system and the immune system are the primary sensory interfaces between the internal and external environment. They are responsible for recognizing, integrating, and responding to stimuli with the appropriate ...