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    • Actin polymerization stabilizes α4β1 integrin anchors that mediate monocyte adhesion 

      Rullo, Jacob; Becker, Henry; Hyduk, Sharon J.; Wong, Janice C.; Digby, Genevieve; Arora, Pamma D.; Cano, Adrianet Puig; Hartwig, John Henry; McCulloch, Christopher A.; Cybulsky, Myron I. (The Rockefeller University Press, 2012)
      Leukocytes arrested on inflamed endothelium via integrins are subjected to force imparted by flowing blood. How leukocytes respond to this force and resist detachment is poorly understood. Live-cell imaging with ...
    • Involvement of low- and middle-income countries in randomized controlled trial publications in oncology 

      Wong, Janice C; Fernandes, Kimberly A; Amin, Shubarna; Lwin, Zarnie; Krzyzanowska, Monika K (BioMed Central, 2014)
      Background: We describe trends in participation by investigators from low- and middle-income countries (LMCs) in publications describing oncology randomized control trials (RCTs) over a decade. Methods: We used Medline to ...