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    • Chronic variable stress activates hematopoietic stem cells 

      Heidt, Timo; Sager, Hendrik B.; Courties, Gabriel; Dutta, Partha; Iwamoto, Yoshiko; Zaltsman, Alex; von zur Muhlen, Constantin; Bode, Christoph; Fricchione, Gregory L.; Denninger, John; Lin, Charles P.; Vinegoni, Claudio; Libby, Peter; Swirski, Filip K.; Weissleder, Ralph; Nahrendorf, Matthias (2014)
      Exposure to psychosocial stress is a risk factor for many diseases, including atherosclerosis1,2. While incompletely understood, interaction between the psyche and the immune system provides one potential mechanism linking ...
    • Myocardial Infarction Activates CCR2+ Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells 

      Dutta, Partha; Sager, Hendrik B; Stengel, Kristy R.; Naxerova, Kamila; Courties, Gabriel P; Saez, Borja; Silberstein, Lev; Heidt, Timo; Sebas, Matthew; Sun, Yuan; Wojtkiewicz, Gregory; Feruglio, Paolo Fumene; King, Kevin Robert; Baker, Joshua N.; van der Laan, Anja M.; Borodovsky, Anna; Fitzgerald, Kevin; Hulsmans, Maarten; Hoyer, Friedrich Felix; Iwamoto, Yoshiko; Vinegoni, Claudio; Brown, Dennis; Di Carli, Marcelo; Libby, Peter; Hiebert, Scott W.; Scadden, David Thomas; Swirski, Filip K.; Weissleder, Ralph; Nahrendorf, Matthias (Elsevier BV, 2015)
      Following myocardial infarction (MI), myeloid cells derived from the hematopoietic system drive a sharp increase in systemic leukocyte levels that correlates closely with mortality. The origin of these myeloid cells, and ...
    • A Statin-Loaded Reconstituted High-Density Lipoprotein Nanoparticle Inhibits Atherosclerotic Plaque Inflammation 

      Duivenvoorden, Raphaël; Tang, Jun; Cormode, David P.; Mieszawska, Aneta J.; Izquierdo-Garcia, David; Ozcan, Canturk; Otten, Maarten J.; Zaidi, Neeha; Lobatto, Mark E.; van Rijs, Sarian M.; Priem, Bram; Kuan, Emma L.; Martel, Catherine; Hewing, Bernd; Sager, Hendrik; Nahrendorf, Matthias; Randolph, Gwendalyn J.; Stroes, Erik S.G.; Fuster, Valentin; Fisher, Edward A.; Fayad, Zahi A.; Mulder, Willem J.M. (2014)
      Inflammation is a key feature of atherosclerosis and a target for therapy. Statins have potent anti-inflammatory properties but these cannot be fully exploited with oral statin therapy due to low systemic bioavailability. ...