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    • D,L-Cyclic Peptides as Structural Materials 

      Rubin, Daniel James (2015-04-17)
      The bioengineer has a choice of building with proteins, peptides, polymers, nucleic acids, lipids, metals and minerals, each class containing tremendous diversity within its category. While the platforms are diverse, they ...
    • Mechanical Reinforcement of Polymeric Fibers through Peptide Nanotube Incorporation 

      Rubin, Daniel James; Nia, Hadi T.; Desire, Thierry; Nguyen, Peter Q; Gevelber, Michael; Ortiz, Christine; Joshi, Neel S. (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2013)
      High aspect ratio nanotubular assemblies can be effective fillers in mechanically reinforced composite materials. However, most existing nanotubes used for structural purposes are limited in their range of mechanical, ...