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    • Coherent Optical Transitions in Implanted Nitrogen Vacancy Centers 

      Chu, Y.; de Leon, Nathalie Pulmones; Shields, B.J.; Hausmann, B.; Evans, R.; Togan, E.; Burek, Michael John; Markham, M.; Stacey, A.; Zibrov, Alexander S; Yacoby, Amir; Twitchen, D.J.; Loncar, Marko; Park, H.; Maletinsky, P.; Lukin, Mikhail D. (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2014)
      We report the observation of stable optical transitions in nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers created by ion implantation. Using a combination of high temperature annealing and subsequent surface treatment, we reproducibly ...
    • Coupling of NV Centers to Photonic Crystal Nanobeams in Diamond 

      Hausmann, Birgit Judith Maria; Shields, Brendan John; Quan, Qimin; Chu, Yiwen; de Leon, Nathalie Pulmones; Evans, Ruffin Eley; Burek, Michael John; Zibrov, Alexander S; Markham, M.; Twitchen, D. J.; Park, Hongkun; Lukin, Mikhail D.; Loncar, Marko (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2013)
      The realization of efficient optical interfaces for solid-state atom-like systems is an important problem in quantum science with potential applications in quantum communications and quantum information processing. We ...
    • Diamond optomechanical crystals 

      Burek, Michael John; Cohen, Justin; Meenehan, Seán; Ruelle, Thibaud; Meesala, Srujan; Rochman, Jake; Atikian, Haig Avedis; Markham, Matthew; Twitchen, Daniel; Lukin, Mikhail D.; Painter, Oskar; Loncar, Marko (The Optical Society, 2016)
      Cavity-optomechanical systems realized in single-crystal diamond are poised to benefit from its extraordinary material properties, including low mechanical dissipation and wide optical transparency window. Diamond is also ...
    • Free-Standing Mechanical and Photonic Nanostructures in Single-Crystal Diamond 

      Burek, Michael John; de Leon, Nathalie Pulmones; Shields, Brendan John; Hausmann, Birgit Judith Maria; Chu, Yiwen; Quan, Qimin; Zibrov, Alexander S; Park, Hongkun; Lukin, Mikhail D.; Loncar, Marko (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2012)
      A variety of nanoscale photonic, mechanical, electronic, and optoelectronic devices require scalable thin film fabrication. Typically, the device layer is defined by thin film deposition on a substrate of a different ...
    • Free-Standing Nanomechanical and Nanophotonic Structures in Single-Crystal Diamond 

      Burek, Michael John (2016-01-21)
      Realizing complex three-dimensional structures in a range of material systems is critical to a variety of emerging nanotechnologies. This is particularly true of nanomechanical and nanophotonic systems, both relying on ...
    • High quality-factor optical nanocavities in bulk single-crystal diamond 

      Burek, Michael John; Chu, Yiwen; Liddy, Madelaine S. Z.; Patel, Parth; Rochman, Jake; Meesala, Srujan; Hong, Wooyoung; Quan, Qimin; Lukin, Mikhail D.; Loncar, Marko (Nature Publishing Group, 2014)
      Single-crystal diamond, with its unique optical, mechanical and thermal properties, has emerged as a promising material with applications in classical and quantum optics. However, the lack of heteroepitaxial growth and ...
    • Novel fabrication of diamond nanophotonics coupled to single-photon detectors 

      Atikian, Haig Avedis; Meesala, Srujan; Burek, Michael John; Sohn, Young-Ik; Israelian, Johan; Patri, Adarsh S.; Clarke, Nigel; Sipahigil, Alp; Evans, Ruffin Eley; Sukachev, Denis; Westervelt, Robert M.; Lukin, Mikhail D.; Loncar, Marko (SPIE-Intl Soc Optical Eng, 2017)
      Freestanding diamond nanostructures are etched from a bulk diamond substrate and integrated with evanescently coupled superconduncting nanowire single-photon detectors.