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    • Angiotensin II Induced Cardiac Dysfunction on a Chip 

      Horton, Renita E.; Yadid, Moran; McCain, Megan L.; Sheehy, Sean P.; Pasqualini, Francesco S.; Park, Sung-Jin; Cho, Alexander; Campbell, Patrick; Parker, Kevin Kit (Public Library of Science, 2016)
      In vitro disease models offer the ability to study specific systemic features in isolation to better understand underlying mechanisms that lead to dysfunction. Here, we present a cardiac dysfunction model using angiotensin ...
    • The Role of Microenvironmental Cues in Cardiomyogenesis and Pathogenesis 

      Horton, Renita Elillian (2014-06-06)
      The cellular microenvironment consists of soluble and insoluble factors that provide signals that dictate cell behavior and cell fate. Limited characterization has hindered our ability to mimic the physiological or ...