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    • Localized Epigenetic Changes Induced by DH Recombination Restricts Recombinase to DJH Junctions 

      Subrahmanyam, Ramesh; Du, Hansen; Ivanova, Irina; Chakraborty, Tirtha; Ji, Yanhong; Zhang, Yu; Alt, Frederick W.; Schatz, David G.; Sen, Ranjan (2013)
      Immunoglobulin heavy chain (Igh) genes are assembled by sequential rearrangements of diversity (DH) and variable (VH) gene segments. Three critical constraints govern VH recombination. These include timing (VH recombination ...
    • Orientation-Specific Joining of AID-initiated DNA Breaks Promotes Antibody Class Switching 

      Dong, Junchao; Panchakshari, Rohit A.; Zhang, Tingting; Zhang, Yu; Hu, Jiazhi; Volpi, Sabrina A.; Meyers, Robin M.; Ho, Yu-Jui; Du, Zhou; Robbiani, Davide F.; Meng, Feilong; Gostissa, Monica; Nussenzweig, Michel C.; Manis, John P.; Alt, Frederick W. (2015)
      During B cell development, RAG endonuclease cleaves immunoglobulin heavy chain (IgH) V, D, and J gene segments and orchestrates their fusion as deletional events that assemble a V(D)J exon in the same transcriptional ...