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    • Bacterial Interactions with Immobilized Liquid Layers 

      Kovalenko, Yevgen; Sotiri, Irini; Timonen, Jaakko; Overton, Jonathan C.; Holmes, Gareth; Aizenberg, Joanna; Howell, Caitlin (Wiley, 2016)
      Bacterial interactions with surfaces are at the heart of many infection-related problems in healthcare. In this work, the interactions of clinically-relevant bacteria with immobilized liquid (IL) layers on oil-infused ...
    • Oleoplaning droplets on lubricated surfaces 

      Daniel, Dan; Timonen, Jaakko; Li, Ruoping; Velling, Seneca J.; Aizenberg, Joanna (Springer Nature, 2017)
      Recently, there has been much interest in using lubricated flat and nano-/micro-structured surfaces to achieve extreme liquid-repellency: any foreign droplet immiscible with the underlying lubricant layer was shown to slide ...
    • Photothermally triggered actuation of hybrid materials as a new platform for in vitro cell manipulation 

      Sutton, Amy Alexandra; Shirman, Tanya; Timonen, Jaakko; England, Grant Tyler; Kim, Philseok; Kolle, Mathias; Ferrante, Thomas Charles; Zarzar, Lauren; Strong, Elizabeth; Aizenberg, Joanna (Springer Nature, 2017)
      Mechanical forces in the cell’s natural environment have a crucial impact on growth, differentiation and behavior. Few areas of biology can be understood without taking into account how both individual cells and cell ...