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    • Goodwillie Approximations to Higher Categories 

      Heuts, Gijsbert (2015-05-14)
      Goodwillie calculus involves the approximation of functors between higher categories by so-called polynomial functors. We show (under mild hypotheses) how to associate to a higher category C a Goodwillie tower, consisting ...
    • Structures on Forms of K-Theory 

      Sia, Charmaine Jia Min (2015-05-13)
      In the early 1970s, Morava studied forms of topological K-theory and observed that they have interesting number theoretic connections. Until very recently, forms of K-theory have not been studied in greater depth and ...
    • Topological Quantum Field Theories from Compact Lie Groups 

      Freed, Daniel; Hopkins, Michael J.; Lurie, Jacob Alexander; Teleman, Constantin (American Mathematical Society, 2010)
      It is a long-standing question to extend the definition of 3-dimensional Chern-Simons theory to one which associates values to 1-manifolds with boundary and to 0-manifolds. We provide a solution in case the gauge group is ...