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    • False Negative Rates in Drosophila Cell-Based RNAi Screens: A Case Study 

      Booker, Matthew; Samsonova, Anastasia; Kwon, Young; Flockhart, Ian; Mohr, Stephanie; Perrimon, Norbert (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2011-01-20)
      Background High-throughput screening using RNAi is a powerful gene discovery method but is often complicated by false positive and false negative results. Whereas false positive results associated with RNAi reagents has ...
    • An Integrative Approach to Ortholog Prediction for Disease-Focused and Other Functional Studies 

      Hu, Yanhui; Flockhart, Ian; Vinayagam, Arunachalam; Bergwitz, Clemens; Berger, Bonnie; Perrimon, Norbert; Mohr, Stephanie (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2011-08-31)
      Background Mapping of orthologous genes among species serves an important role in functional genomics by allowing researchers to develop hypotheses about gene function in one species based on what is known about the ...