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    • A Large Peptidome Dataset Improves HLA Class I Epitope Prediction Across Most of the Human Population 

      Le, Phuong M; Li, Letitia W; Oliveira, Giacomo; Keshishian, Hasmik; Hartigan, Christina R; Zhang, Wandi; Bachireddy, Pavan; Ouspenskaia, Tamara; Law, Travis; Justesen, Sune; Stevens, Jonathan; Eisenhaure, Thomas; Zhang, Guang Lan; Klauser, Karl R; Hacohen, Nir; Carr, Steven A; Sarkizova, Siranush; Klaeger, Susan; Braun, David; Ligon, Keith; Zervantonakis, Ioannis; Rosenbluth, Jennifer; Lane, William; Wu, Catherine; Keskin, Derin (Nature, 2019-12-16)
      Prediction of HLA epitopes is important for the development of cancer immunotherapies and vaccines. However, current prediction algorithms have limited predictive power, in part because they were not trained on high-quality ...