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    • Electronic quasiparticles in the quantum dimer model: Density matrix renormalization group results 

      Lee, Junhyun; Sachdev, Subir; White, Steven James (American Physical Society (APS), 2016)
      We study a recently proposed quantum dimer model for the pseudogap metal state of the cuprates. The model contains bosonic dimers, representing a spin-singlet valence bond between a pair of electrons, and fermionic dimers, ...
    • Genome-Wide Interrogation of Longitudinal FEV 1 in Children With Asthma 

      Wu, Kehua; Gamazon, Eric R.; Im, Hae Kyung; Geeleher, Paul; White, Steven James; Solway, Julian; Clemmer, George L.; Weiss, Scott; Tantisira, Kelan; Cox, Nancy J.; Ratain, Mark J.; Huang, R. Stephanie (American Thoracic Society, 2014)
      Rationale: Most genomic studies of lung function have used phenotypic data derived from a single time-point (e.g., presence/absence of disease) without considering the dynamic progression of a chronic disease. Objectives: ...
    • A genome-wide survey of CD4+ lymphocyte regulatory genetic variants identifies novel asthma genes 

      Sharma, Sunita; Zhou, Xiaobo; Thibault, Derek M.; Himes, Blanca; Liu, Andy; Szefler, Stanley J.; Strunk, Robert; Castro, Mario; Hansel, Nadia N.; Diette, Gregory B.; Vonakis, Becky M.; Adkinson, N. Franklin; Avila, Lydiana; Soto-Quiros, Manuel; Barraza-Villareal, Albino; Lemanske, Robert F.; Solway, Julian; Krishnan, Jerry; White, Steven James; Cheadle, Chris; Berger, Alan E.; Fan, Jinshui; Boorgula, Meher Preethi; Nicolae, Dan; Gilliland, Frank; Barnes, Kathleen; London, Stephanie J.; Martinez, Fernando; Ober, Carole; Celedón, Juan C.; Carey, Vincent James; Weiss, Scott Tillman; Raby, Benjamin Alexander (Elsevier BV, 2014)
      Background: Genome-wide association studies have yet to identify the majority of genetic variants involved in asthma. We hypothesized that expression quantitative trait locus (eQTL) mapping can identify novel asthma genes ...