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    • Immediate and Delayed Complications Following Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery 

      Naunheim, Matthew Roberts; Sedaghat, Ahmad; Lin, Derrick T.; Bleier, Benjamin; Holbrook, Eric Hans; Curry, William Thomas; Gray, Stacey Tutt (Thieme Publishing Group, 2015)
      Objectives To characterize the temporal distribution and resolution rate of postoperative complications from endoscopic skull base surgery. Design Retrospective review of patients undergoing endoscopic resection of ...
    • Permeabilization of the Blood-Brain Barrier via Mucosal Engrafting: Implications for Drug Delivery to the Brain 

      Bleier, Benjamin; Kohman, Richie E.; Feldman, Rachel Elizabeth; Ramanlal, Shreshtha; Han, Xue (Public Library of Science, 2013)
      Utilization of neuropharmaceuticals for central nervous system(CNS) disease is highly limited due to the blood-brain barrier(BBB) which restricts molecules larger than 500Da from reaching the CNS. The development of a ...