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    • Cost-Related Medication Nonadherence Among Elderly and Disabled Medicare Beneficiaries 

      Soumerai, Stephen Bertram; Pierre-Jacques, Marsha; Zhang, Fang; Ross-Degnan, Dennis; Adams, Alyce S.; Gurwitz, Jerry; Adler, Gerald; Safran, Dana Gelb (American Medical Association (AMA), 2006)
      Background Prior to implementation of the Medicare drug benefit, we estimated the prevalence of cost-related medication nonadherence (CRN) among Medicare enrollees, including elderly and nonelderly disabled beneficiarie ...
    • Cost-Related Medication Nonadherence and Spending on Basic Needs Following Implementation of Medicare Part D 

      Madden, Jeanne Marie; Graves, Amy; Zhang, Fang; Adams, Alyce S.; Briesacher, Becky A.; Ross-Degnan, Dennis; Gurwitz, Jerry H.; Pierre-Jacques, Marsha; Safran, Dana Gelb; Adler, Gerald; Soumerai, Stephen Bertram (American Medical Association (AMA), 2008)
      Context Cost-related medication nonadherence (CRN) has been a persistent problem for individuals who are elderly and disabled in the United States. The impact of Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D) on CRN is ...