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    • A Resilient, Untethered Soft Robot 

      Tolley, Michael T.; Shepherd, Robert F.; Mosadegh, Bobak; Galloway, Kevin C; Wehner, Michael; Karpelson, Michael; Wood, Robert J.; Whitesides, George McClelland (Mary Ann Liebert Inc, 2014)
      A pneumatically powered, fully untethered mobile soft robot is described. Composites consisting of silicone elastomer, polyaramid fabric, and hollow glass microspheres were used to fabricate a sufficiently large soft robot ...
    • Untethered Flight of an Insect-Sized Flapping-Wing Microscale Aerial Vehicle 

      Karpelson, Michael; Wood, Robert; Jafferis, Noah; Helbling, Elizabeth (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-06)
      Heavier-than-air flight at any scale is energetically expensive. This is greatly exacerbated at small scales and has so far presented an insurmountable obstacle for untethered flight in insect-sized (mass less than 500 ...