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    • The Role of SIRT1 in Preventing Mitochondrial Dysfunction with Obesity and Aging 

      Price, Nathan Loftus (2013-02-12)
      Mitochondrial function declines with aging and obesity, and has been implicated in the development of many age-related diseases. Caloric restriction (CR) prevents aging and has been shown to induce mitochondrial biogenesis ...
    • SIRT1 Is Required for AMPK Activation and the Beneficial Effects of Resveratrol on Mitochondrial Function 

      Price, N; Gomes, Ana P.; Ling, Alvin Jee Yee; Duarte, Filipe V.; Martin-Montalvo, Alejandro; North, Brian; Agarwal, Beamon; Ye, Lan; Ramadori, Giorgio; Teodoro, Joao S.; Hubbard, B; Varela, Ana T.; Davis, James G.; Varamini, Behzad; Hafner, Angela; Moaddel, Ruin; Rolo, Anabela P.; Coppari, Roberto; Palmeira, Carlos M.; de Cabo, Rafael; Baur, Joseph A.; Sinclair, David Andrew (Elsevier BV, 2012)
      Resveratrol induces mitochondrial biogenesis and protects against metabolic decline, but whether SIRT1 mediates these benefits is the subject of debate. To circumvent the developmental defects of germline SIRT1 knockouts, ...
    • SRT1720 improves survival and healthspan of obese mice 

      Minor, Robin K.; Baur, Joseph A.; Gomes, Ana P.; Ward, Theresa M.; Csiszar, Anna; Mercken, Evi M.; Abdelmohsen, Kotb; Shin, Yu-Kyong; Canto, Carles; Scheibye-Knudsen, Morten; Krawczyk, Melissa; Irusta, Pablo M.; Martín-Montalvo, Alejandro; Hubbard, Basil; Zhang, Yongqing; Lehrmann, Elin; White, Alexa A.; Price, Nathan; Swindell, William; Pearson, Kevin J.; Becker, Kevin G.; Bohr, Vilhelm A.; Gorospe, Myriam; Egan, Josephine M.; Talan, Mark I.; Auwerx, Johan; Westphal, Christoph H.; Ellis, James L.; Ungvari, Zoltan; Vlasuk, George P.; Elliott, Peter J.; Sinclair, David Andrew; de Cabo, Rafael (Nature Publishing Group, 2011)
      Sirt1 is an NAD1-dependent deacetylase that extends lifespan in lower organisms and improves metabolism and delays the onset of age-related diseases in mammals. Here we show that SRT1720, a synthetic compound that was ...